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Raw Food Diet For Dogs – Advantages and Health Benefits

Why Raw Dog Food Is The Best For Your Dog

When pet owners think about dog food, they do not usually think about feeding their pets raw meat. This is an interesting situation as dogs of the past ate nothing BUT raw meat. There were no conveniently opened cans of dog food laying around the forests of ancient times. However, times have certainly changed and the usual diet of dogs today is whatever slop comes out of a can or whatever crumbs fall out of the bag bought from a grocery store. This is no way for a dog to eat and that is why they SHOULD be eating raw food. Here are just a few of the benefits that pet owners can expect to see when they make this dietary change.

In case you are not really a fan of an all raw food diet, you should at least check out some dog food options that are made out of fresh ingredients, for example Life Abundance Dog Food.


A Change In Their Digestion

That’s right when your dog switches to a diet which is nothing but raw meat and a few select raw vegetables, you can certainly expect to see a major improvement in their digestive health. No more horrible loose stools that are far too messy to clean up properly and no more stinky episodes of gas. Their new and improved digestive health will result in firm stools that are easy to pick up and dispose of and no more gas as they will no longer be eating food they should not be eating.


Look At Those Teeth!

If your dog has always struggled with good dental hygiene, then a raw food diet is the best thing they can experience. Bad breath will be a thing of the past and their gums will look so much healthier. While your dog may never have the whitest of whites when it comes to teeth, the veterinarian will be more than pleased at their overall health and will give you kudos for the change in diet.


Say Hello To Being Allergy-Free

Oddly enough, the biggest ingredients which prove to be allergens to dogs are also the main ingredients in mainstream dog food. These being wheat and corn. Dogs are simply not biologically set up to digest these foods as humans can. By eliminating these foods from the diet of the dog, you are allowing them to eat as mother nature intended. Trust us, the dog will love you for it. On a side note, your vet budget will also love it as the new diet will result in much less frequent trips to the vet for allergy shots and other related medical expenses.


As you can see, raw dog food is the way to go. You will be more than pleased with the results you achieve and your dog will love you for it as well. By being happier, your dog will enjoy their life and may even live longer. At the end of the day, isn’t this what every pet owner wants?

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