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Great Tips for Cleaning Tile Floors Even with a Busy Schedule

Most people have a great number of things to do accomplish on any given day. It can be difficult to find time to clean tile floors when there is so much going on. There are tips that can help anyone keep their tile floors looking the best they can, even when they do not have an abundance of time.


Floor Mats are Your Friend

One of the key things to do is to keep floor mats in high traffic locations, so they can grab the dirt from people’s shoes before they are able to track it throughout the home. The front and back entrances are wonderful locations to place the mats in because they are areas that are more than likely used the most. A runner rug in the hallway is also a great idea. A dirty rug or mat does not need to be cleaned each day. Also, the dirty rug or mat does not look as bad as dirty tile.


Cleaning Tips

It can be worrisome to try to keep the tile in the kitchen from getting dirty. It is known that most spills occur in the kitchen due to food spilling over, even when someone is super careful accidents can still happen. It is important when a spill occurs to blot the stain with a damp cloth and try not to rub hard into it. Rubbing hard onto the stain can cause it to go deeper into the tile and it will be much more difficult to get out.


When in Doubt Use Water

Cleaning tile floors can be easy if it is something that is done regularly and someone does not allow the tile to get too filthy. The first thing to do is to sweep the floor. It is important to sweep thoroughly to remove any dirt and debris. Then use warm water to actually clean the tile. Sometimes people will add Eucalyptus Oil in the water, as it is a natural cleaning and disinfectant. If dirt has been set into the tiles, a nail brush can be used to remove any stubborn dirt.


Just Say No to Harsh Chemicals

One thing that can be done to damage the tile is improper use of  harsh chemicals (check http://www.floorcleaningtools.com for more information). When using any kind of chemical it is important to read all of the instructions and be sure to follow the directions completely. It would also be beneficial to use the product in an inconspicuous location to see how it works before placing it all over the tile.


The best advice is to keep the tiles as clean as possible throughout the week, so it will not be a huge issue later. If the tiles get too dirty, then a professional cleaner would have to be called. Sometimes even they are unable to help and the only option would be to remove the tile.

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