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Driving In Australia With A Chinese Driving License

Australia attracts tourists from different parts of the world, thanks to its ordinary beauty and cultural landscapes. Besides its beauty features, you can also hire a car in Australia and enjoy visiting different places in the country. An international driving license is enough for a foreigner to drive in Australia. However, if you are a Chinese national, getting an international driving license from China mainland is not possible regardless of whether you have a Chinese driving license or not. So, how can you drive in Australia with a Chinese driving license? Here is your breakthrough.


Have Your Chinese Driving License Translated To English

Australian authority requires that a reputable translation agency translate your Chinese driving license. There are several reliable 驾照翻译 translation agencies in Australia that you can get your Chinese driving license translated. You can also get your Chinese driving license translated by the Chinese consulate office in Australia.

As a Chinese driver, there are several documents that you need to carry along when driving in Australia; they include;

  • The original Chinese driving license
  • An original copy of the translated driving license
  • Your passport
  • Your temporary visa

Even with the above documentation, you should ensure that your Chinese driving license is valid. The expiry of a Chinese driving license means the translated version of the same has expired.


How Long Can You Use Your Translated Copy Of Your Driving License In Australia As A Tourist?

As a temporary visa holder in Australia, you can only use a foreign driving license (a translated version) for a period not extending three months. However, you can have the period extended if you apply for an extension. Alternatively, you will be required to make a formal application for an Australian driving license.

When applying for an Australian driving license for the first time, you must start with a Learner’s license application. To be given an Australian driving license, you must pass;

  • A theory test- You can have this test in Chinese.
  • Road test- Your driving skills are put to the test.
  • A physical examination


Easy Tips for Driving in Australia

  1. Always confirm that you have your driving license and the translated version when driving.
  2. Maintain your left hand when driving. If you are not familiar with driving on the left-hand side, you need to practice while under a local trainer’s supervision.

iii. Make sure that you have worn your seat belt before hitting the roads in Australia. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure all passengers are buckled up. Failure may result in the passenger’s fine if they are over 16 years and the drivers.

  1. Do not drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Penalties may include fining and even receiving a driving suspension.

Australia is a great place to be in and drive when going on road trips. Consider the above, and you can enjoy driving in Australia even when you holding a Chinese driving license.

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