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Choosing The Best Microwave Size For You

Microwaves or convection ovens are an essential household appliance for many homes. Whether it’s to reheat yesterday’s dinner, the pizza you bought last night, or to kick-off movie night the right way with some freshly popped popcorn, convection ovens are easily a way of life for most of us. However, when it comes to choosing this appliance, there are many factors to consider. The size of the convection oven or convection oven is one of them according to Reviewho. Convection ovens come in a myriad of sizes and dimensions, and the prices range based on this. It’s important to know which is best for you based on budget, what you plan to cook and heat in it, and your kitchen and household/family size.



These are the smallest of the convection oven family. As such, they are best suited for small apartments. The convection oven size is small and will leave you plenty of space in your kitchen (typically 10-14 inches in height and 15-19 inches in width). It is also the most affordable of all convection oven sizes. Given the size, the power is not the strongest, best suited for leftovers, popcorn, or instant foods. However, if your kitchen is small, this may be the convection oven for you.


Medium Countertop

These convection ovens have more power and capacity than the standard small countertop. Their size allows them to heat the typical foods and even take on defrosting, which tends to be a hefty task (typically 12-15 inches in height and 20-24 inches in width). This convection oven is suitable for homes and apartments that can cater to a maximum of 5 people. Options in this convection oven is more extensive as it is the size commonly found in households. Due to varied options in this size, prices may vary.


Large Countertop

This convection oven size has the highest cooking capability and more power than its small and medium countertop counterparts (typically 15-18 inches in height and 26-30 inches in width). This means they cook and heat foods faster. This convection oven can accommodate foods of any size, and it is more suitable for cooking and heating for long periods. This size convection oven is ideal for larger families and households but is quite costly.


Over the Range Microwaves

The last to be discussed in this set are Over the Range convection oven or microwaves. As the name indicates, the countertop sizes are set on a countertop. Over the Range convection oven are installed into a cabinet space above your range. The range in your kitchen is the combination of your stove and oven. Due to this, they save counter space. They range in sizes but are typically 16-18 inches in height and 24-30 inches in width. Considering this convection oven would mean you have to have the necessary cabinet space to facilitate its installation. They vary in terms of power and capacity and prices based on the range of options they come in.

It is important to do the relevant research of the brand and its features before making a definite purchase of all sizes.

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