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Normanton Park Singapore: The Place to Be

Normanton Park is a mega-development project in Singapore launched in Queenstown Area, District 5—the most sought-after location in the country. Housing a total of 1862, the park has a leasehold of 99 years. Whether you are looking to settle on your own or you are bringing your extended family, you will enjoy the ample amenities or all the luxury you have ever thought of. One Normanton Park presents an ample choice for all the residents featuring 1 to 5-bedrooms that include strata landed living and penthouse. Besides, the project offers state-of-the-art condominium facilities and top-notch security for your family members. As it’s obvious, no residential development project can stand without some shops or a shopping center. That’s why you will find 8 shops within the park where 1 of the shops is designed for F&B. More importantly, no matter the unit type that you prefer, all offer a comfortable and loveable space. Also, different house owners come with their requirements, that why the park’s developers came up with some variations to take care of different personal space and layout requirements.

Normanton Park Location

Located in the busy and spectacular central region city, Normanton park offers its residents not only easy access to the CBD, but also some minutes’ walk to important amenities like the National University of Singapore, the National Hospital, and Alexandra Hospital among other important facilities. The area is well-sized for quality development covering over 60,000 sq. meters. This makes it the largest in the whole area featuring a huge extensive area as its compound. Featuring pools resembling flowing rivers coupled with deluxe green landscaping, the project continues to preserve the natural ambiance of its surrounding.

Why Normanton Park is Worth Buying?

This park is appealing for both investors as well as for owner-occupation. Built by a prestigious and award-winning company, Kingsford Huray Development, the park presents a unit mix ideal for both individuals as well as big families. The great number of high-end professionals in a high-growth business, research, and education sectors around the park is a plus to apartments’ rentability—a key factor in investment. Remember, residential developments like Normanton Park aren’t that common in the area. With some old developments like the Dover Parkview, the Rochester Residences, Heritage View, and One North Residences, Normanton Park sits on top of all its competitors. The spacious separation of buildings provides unblocked sea views in addition to privacy that many homeowners are continually looking for. Comparing with other parks and destinations in the country, Normanton Park is definitely worth your bucks. No matter your preferences, when you are looking to settle or invest in Singapore, Normanton Park should always top your best location list.

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