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Juiced: Best Juicers on the Market in 2018

Juicing is a fun way to consume our fruits and vegetables we need on the daily. It is said that juicing fruits and vegetables means you will better absorb the nutrients into your body. The juicing process gets rid of the fiber you get when you eat fruits whole, with …

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Living Alone in College

Living alone in college can be tricky and also difficult. It involves a lot of adjustments especially if you are a freshman. From high school, it is imperative that the person gets to adjust into adulthood fast. This means cooking your own meals, and even fixing all your things. Ordinary …

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Surviving the Hostel Life

Are you looking for a place to stay as a backpacker? It can be quite tricky for some to find a good hotel especially those who are on a tight budget. An alternative that you can go for is a hostel. Hostels can be quite tricky given the differences with …

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