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Which are the right beaded curtains for your home?

If you have decided to move away from traditional curtains and look at beaded curtains instead, you may be wondering how to choose the right ones for your home.


After all, beaded curtains come in all colors and shades, many styles, patterns and designs. That means choosing the right beaded curtains can sometimes be a bit of a chore.


Thankfully, if you spend a little time considering the type of beaded curtains you want carefully, you could end up with some of the most stylish ones you have ever had in your home.


Choose the right color and shade — Take a close look at the color scheme of each room that you will be choosing curtains for, and decide on if you want a darker color of curtain than the main color of the room or a lighter one.


Do you want to buy curtains in the same color as the room, or do you prefer them to be in a different one?


Before you even start to look for beaded curtains online, make sure you have narrowed down your color and shade choice. That way you will find your online shopping to be far less overwhelming once you see the many choices that are available.


The perfect style — Of course, beaded curtains also come in many styles.


You can decide to have curtains with the typical rounded beads, or curtains with beads that are pointed at one end.


You can choose beaded curtains that are all one color, curtains that have a variety of colors of beads, or curtains that even have patterned beads.


Be sure to also take a close look at photographs of the top of the curtain, as the top panel may also be patterned or plain.


Measuring for your curtains — Measure your windows and doors carefully, as you do not want to have beaded curtains that are too narrow or too wide.


If too narrow, you will have to stretch them out so that they will fit. This will often cause the beads to lie wide open, thus making it very easy for people to see through them to the room beyond.


If they are too wide, however, you will end up with folds of heavy beads that will look clunky and badly designed. They too will allow people to see into the room as, because they are too wide, the beads will begin to clump together causing gaps to appear.


Measure your windows or your doors carefully, and then add around one to two inches on each side. This will give you enough extra width to be able to hang the curtain correctly, without having to worry about them being too wide or too narrow.


Measure the length of the curtains from top to bottom as well. When any beaded curtains are hung, they should just touch the floor.


You do not want to have them lying on the floor, however, as this can make them very easy to trip over.

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