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Nailed It: Achieving Acrylic Nails at Home

Did you know that you can achieve beautiful acrylic nails for much cheaper by doing them yourself at home? The thought may be daunting due to the multiple steps involved, but it is actually quite simple. Here’s a step by step guide to saving time and money, but still results in long, gorgeous nails.

Step One: Buy Your Supplies

Be sure to pick up all the supplies you need before you begin. You can find the following supplies easily at a drug or beauty store, or might even have them already lying around your house somewhere: nail file, nail clippers, monomer liquid, acrylic nails, nail glue, nail forms, small glass bowl, brush, toothpick, and topcoat. You can find some here: kit uñas acrilicas España

Step Two: Prep Your Natural Nails

This step involves ensuring that your natural nails are the ideal base for the acrylic top. First, remove any old nail polish that you already have on your nails. Next, trim your nails until they are a nice medium length and file them until the edges are even. Finally, buff your actual nails and cuticle area with the rough side of your nail file. Don’t be to harsh, but you want them to have a slightly rougher texture than usual so that the acrylic nails will stick.

Step Three: Sizing and Adjusting Your Acrylics

Take the acrylic nails out of the box and find one for each nail that is the proper size. Once you have them all measured and ready, make sure that your acrylics do not extend past the middle of your natural nail. If they do, file accordingly.

Step Four: Gluing Your Acrylics

You won’t need more than a small swipe of glue for each nail. Apply the glue to the transparent marker on the bottom side of your acrylics and press gently on to your natural nail.

Step Five: Cutting and Filing

Cut your nails using the clippers to the length that you like. Once you’ve ensured that they’re all even, file them down until there is a smooth transition from the acrylic nail to your natural nail. Then, file them so that they are all the same shape and the edges of the acrylic nails are smooth.

Step Six: Applying Liquid

Next, pour your monomer liquid into a small bowl and dip your brush first in the monomer and then in powder and swipe a clean stroke directly onto your nails. Make sure you don’t have any leakage by using a toothpick to clean up the sides.

Step Seven: File Away

Once again file your nails until they are all the same shape and size while buffing the top.

Step Eight: Polish Up

Finally, you’re ready for some color! First, apply a top coat for shine, then once it dries, paint over it with regular nail polish. Finish up with another top coat and ta da! You have stunning nails that you can be proud of doing all by yourself.

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