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How To Win At Minecraft Survival Servers In Quick and Easy Ways!

Minecraft survival servers are tough to master and dominate. However, there are some ways you can develop the right skills necessary to rule your favorite Minecraft SMP servers. This article will focus on the tricks and skill development hacks that can help you win the iron throne at your favorite survival server.

Here are some easy ways to do so!

1.    Gather as Many Ores as Possible:


Whether you are a beginner or an expert in Minecraft Survival, you already know that mining those ores is the first step toward leveling up. You will first discover some coal at ground level; after mining it, you will immediately plunge into the cave to mine iron ore. Make some weapons and iron armor for yourself by grabbing a mound of iron ore. Get down there and look for jewels. Redstone ore, lapis lazuli, and if you’re fortunate, emeralds may all be found when looking for diamonds. Grab as much ore as you can since Redstone and lapis will assist you with enchantments, Redstone can help you with crazy traps and explosives, and emeralds will help you with crazy trades at the next hamlet.

2.    Choose a Perfect Location to Live In:


There are many various biomes in the game of Minecraft, and each one offers advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you want to maintain a low profile, the dark forest and the jungle are preferable since they provide a lot of covering for you to conceal and disguise your base. However, since most animals and towns spawn there, the plains are great if you want to harvest resources and locate some people to trade with. However, the plains are an open battleground, and the opponent player may easily detect you from a distance.

You must thus pay close attention to location. We advise you to start in an open biome like the plains or the desert and shift to a more secure habitat like the jungle or woodland after successfully acquiring enough resources.

3.    Loot the Ocean:


We know that most people believe that oceans are useless because of very limited resources. However, if you have some food on you and plenty of wood, you can survive in the ocean for a long time, and not only that, the loot from the ocean monuments, the sunken ships, and treasure chests are elite, and they can give you a boost. You can even spot some breathtaking ravines from the ocean, which will be filled with ores and other resources!

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