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A Muji Gel Pen Is Not An Ordinary Pen

The Japanese gel pens are comfortable to grip and provide a smooth writing experience. The pens have a simple design. They have a translucent barrel and a snap cap. Muji pens are unique in the fact they contain a mechanism that prevents the ink from flowing backward. This means that the pens will continue to write smoothly without skipping strokes. The ink will not dry out either. The colors will not bleed through the paper, but the ink may take a little longer than the average gel pen.




There are many reasons you need Muji pens. One of those is for bullet journaling. Bullet journaling is the latest trend in journaling. Basically, you create bullet lists instead of writing complete sentences and paragraphs. Muji pens are easy on the hands and make clear, concise lines. Overall, they create writing that is aesthetically pleasing to both the writer and reader.


Note Taking


There are a couple of reasons why college students are using Muji gel pens. One is that they are inexpensive. The other one is that they are perfect for note taking. Thanks to the fact that they are easy to write with, your hand does not tire of taking notes. Also, for those who need to take notes at a rapid speed, this pen works perfectly. Its smooth strokes make it easy to write quickly without the worry of missing a stroke. Also, the pens come in a variety of colors. This makes it simple to color coordinate class notes.




Muji gel pens are great for coloring. The inks in the pens are thicker than inks found in more traditional pens. The thicker ink will cause stronger colors. Since the ink in the pens constantly flows, they are perfect for coloring in sizeable areas. The gel pens do not bleed or feather, but they require more drying time. The pens can make strong bond lines or light outlines. Gel ink will not fade and is waterproof. The versatility of the pens will help produce lovely pieces of art.


There Just Fun


The last reason you need one is that they are just fun to have. A shopping list is more fun when written in pretty colors. Colored gel pens can add that special touch to handwritten cards and notes. Why write with a boring pen when you can elevate your writing with a Muji gel pen?


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