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A look into the durag craze

Durags are the latest fashion craze, and it seems they won’t be fading away anytime soon. Even though they’ve been existent since the 19th century, designer durags seem to have gained momentum in the 21st century and their fifteen minutes of fame appears as if it will last longer than we expected. At this point, there’s no doubt that you’ve probably seen them worn by your favorite rappers such as Jay-z, A$AP Ferg, Nelly, and 50 cents among many others. But what exactly are Durags? And how do you wear them?

What are durags?

Simply put, a durag is a headscarf which in the past was mainly worn for hair treatment but nowadays worn as a fashion accessory.

A brief overview of the Durag history

As noted earlier, Durags have been around for quite a long time as they date back to the 19th century. Initially, they were worn as headgear by underprivileged African American women during the slavery period. This however changed in the early 1930s during which African-Americans began using it as a hair preserver. It was particularly popular among men who had the wave hairstyle as they would use it to ensure that the pattern stayed in place. The durag achieved this by compressing the hair and ensuring it remained frizz free.

In the 1960s the script changed and even though it was still used as a hair preserver, it was now a famous fashion piece among famed African American rappers such as GZA, Master P and Busta Rhymes among many others who would wear it during performances and in music videos. Besides rappers, it was also a popular fashion statement among athletes and men of all ages. Even though the popularity of the durag declined in some parts of the US, it remained relevant in most of them, and today it is a fashion staple among both men and women. Once again, it’s now back into the fashion arena with a bang, with celebrities such as Solange Knowles donning it on the red carpet and others like Rihanna wearing them during their live performances.

How to wear a Durag

To ensure that you too are not left out in this fashion craze, here is how you wear a durag

– First, align your durag on your head. Ensure the center seam of your durag is aligned with the center of your head. Also, make sure that your hairline is wholly covered but if you have sideburns don’t worry about them as it is okay if they stick out underneath.

– Take the ties, one in each hand and pull them behind your head, so they form an X and once they cross each other in the said shape, pull them back to the front of your head.

– Once again pull them to the back and tie a knot. However, be careful not to tie them tightly as this is not only uncomfortable but also might result in headaches.

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