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The Benefits and the Downside to Hiring a Private Driving Instructor

There are many benefits to taking driving lessons from a driving instructor. There are also a few cons. If you take lessons for an instructor, you will get one-on-one tutoring which is always better than taking lessons in a classroom environment since you can move more at your own pace. If you take driving lessons in a class, you will have to wait for the rest of the students, or you may feel like the class is moving too fast. Overall you may not get the best learning experience possible.

If you take lessons from an instructor, you may ask more questions since you will not have an “audience” that can make you feel uncomfortable about asking questions if you are shy or feel like your question may be silly. You will be able to spend more time on certain areas of your driving, and you will be able to get a more customized program so that you are fully prepared to take your driving test.

It may even work out to be less expensive for you since you can pick and choose many of your lessons rather than paying for a package deal. When you take driving lessons through a private instructor, you are likely to use the same car for all of you lessons rather than taking a new car every time, so you will be able to get more comfortable with it. If you are more comfortable with the car, you will spend less time trying to figure out where everything is or getting used to it which means that you can be more focused on your driving rather than the car you are driving.

You will also be able to take your lessons when it is more convenient for you since you will be able to work around your schedule rather than the schedule that the driving school created. This is a huge plus if you have a packed schedule with work, school and family activities to plan around.

There are many benefits to taking your driving lessons from a private instructor. If you find that you really are not learning from the instructor that you initially chose you can easily switch to another instructor since it is likely that you are paying for one lesson at a time. Not everyone learns the same way or needs the same amount of instruction.

Sometimes you will end up getting a teacher who is doing the driving lessons as a side gig, and they don’t really care a lot about trying to impress their students, or they may be simply burned out from their other jobs. You can tell if they are late for their appointments or if they seem uninterested in the whole lesson, but the good news is that you can always shop around for another instructor. They may also be difficult to schedule lessons with or may cancel their lessons if something comes up and there won’t be anyone to replace them as there would be at a driving school.

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