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The Best Electronic Gadgets For 2018

There are a lot of amazing gadgets available for 2018, e.g. on a website like تسوق. This includes fast washing machines, smart vacuums, tiny coffee makers and colorful refrigerators. For anyone interested in the latest and greatest, these products are described below.


The Dialog Oven

This oven may use radio waves to cook but it is different from a standard microwave. This gadget can listen to the food while it is cooking and adjust the phase, modulation and amplitude of the waves. The food cooked is evenly heated and delicious. You can even roast a cut of beef and leave half raw to serve as steak tartare.


The Robot Vacuum

Anyone with pets will appreciate a robot vacuum. The product includes an app enabling the owner to program the vacuum for where it should or should not clean. This eliminates the chance of spilling food everywhere because the vacuum tipped over the dog’s dish. The robot vacuum has advanced cleaning capabilities and is expected to be a hit for 2018.


The Microwave and Refrigerator Combination

One of the new top gadgets is a microwave with the capability of blast chill for foods. This means fresh foods can be rapidly frozen so the texture is preserved. It only requires minutes to chill drinks and is expected to cause a sensation.


The Triple Washing Machine Package

There are now washing machines available that can do two to three loads at the same time. This means the laundry can be sorted directly into the machine. The dark clothes are placed in one section, the whites in another and the third can be used for linens and towels.


The Double Load Dryer

A washing machine capable of doing multiple loads would not be nearly as effective without a dryer that can dry two loads at once. This means delicates do not have to me mixed with other items. The size is designed to provide a better fit for the average laundry room.


Lawn Mowing Robots

There are already robots for the floors but now they are moving outside. Robot lawn movers do all the work so the homeowner has the benefit of a nice lawn and relaxation. This is certain to be a popular gadget for 2018.


The Small Espresso Machine

It is not difficult to make espresso at home but the machines take up a lot of room. The latest gadget for 2018 is an espresso machine just 12.8 inches tall, 8 inches deep and 4.3 inches wide. The machine even uses pods that are biodegradable and recyclable.


The Window Vacuum

This vacuum combines a vacuum and a squeegee for streak free shine. The vacuum even includes an extension pole to make washing windows easy.

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