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Print and Go Advertising

Some benefits of taking a print and go advertising approach to your marketing strategy is that it opens up a new area of marketing and potential new client base. The best way to do this is by having your own “custom printed stickers” done by a professional service like Vancouver Sticker Printing. Below are some great ways to use these new stickers.

First, take a look at items that are leaving your store, by many each day. One thing is the bags that your customers purchase their goods in, why not place a sticker on the bag, so that once the bag leaves your store, the customer may go out and eat afterwards or meetup with friends, and now all the sudden your printed sticker is seen by a new set of eyes that may have never known you exist.

Secondly, another great way to use printed stickers, is during trade shows, if you plan on attending a trade show, these are winners at all shows. This allows a potential customer to stop by your booth and if they don’t buy anything, a lot of people like to collect stickers, so they may pick up a sticker and again, now your sticker is traveling to new places and possibly meeting new people that may turn into potential new clients.

Another option of using printed stickers, is large social gatherings, when your meeting a large group of people, this allows you to substitute a business card in place for handing out stickers, people are more attracted to stickers and sorts, than business cards a lot of times, this again will give you the potential of having a higher return on viewership, than if you were to just hand out a business card.

Still need more ideas, on how to make the printed stickers work, here is another option, maybe you are out at a local restaurant or shop, that has a bulletin board inside, you could ask to place a sticker on that board, again this may stick out more than placing your business card in the location.

Still another option for using the printed stickers for business success is to place them on your own personal vehicle as a great advertising method, look at all the people that you could get to see your business that way, also place the stickers inside your store and when a customer makes a purchase offer them a sticker and let them know that it’s an awesome sticker that looks really good on the back bumper of your car. You are getting a huge promotion that way, just imagine all the views you will be given.

So in summary, as you can see from up above, there are many ways to make that printed sticker work for you, and get you the potential of huge advertising at a fraction of the cost of trying to hire some agency to market for you or doing all that advertising yourself, the above methods are known to have success, so what are you waiting for get out and get a sticker made for your business and let it do the work for you.

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