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Using an Acrylic Nail Kit to Achieve Salon Quality at Home

Applying acrylic nails is one of the fastest ways to achieve long and beautiful finger nails without months of meticulously growing and shaping them. This is good news for people who can’t seem to grow their nails long without breaking them. Acrylic nails also maintain a beautiful polished look that won’t chip. The polish doesn’t chip and scratch like regular nail polish on natural nails tends to do. Acrylic nails deliver a salon quality look without the money and hassle, and best of all you can apply them at home in a relatively short amount of time.



What to Look For in Acrylic nails


Buying an acrylic nails kit, for example kit uñas acrilicas completo, with press on nails is the best way to go if it is your first time using them. A kit will come with all the materials you need to apply the nails including the glue, and instructions on how to apply them. When finding the best kit you can consider asking around or searching reviews, and also should be sure the monomer is EMA, or Ethyl Methacrylate, which is more gentle on natural nails. Nail kits come with pre-shaped press on nails or with powder to mix your own acrylic.



How to Prepare Your Fingernails For Acrylic Nails


The first step of preparing to use an acrylic nail kit is to give yourself a manicure. Start by making sure any residual nail polish is removed. Even if your nails are clear, use an acetone based nail polish remover to clean the surface of oils. You can then trim your natural nails so that they are short and even and will provide a good base for the acrylics. Buffing the surface of your nails to a slightly rough texture is also an important step to ensure the acrylics can easily adhere to them.


Once the nails are cleaned, trimmed and buffed you can change your focus to your cuticles. Soaking your hands in warm water will make this part easier. Use a cuticle pusher to push back the skin on your nail beds. That way the acrylic nail will adhere to your fingernail and not your skin. At this point it is worth your time to use nail primer to remove any lingering oils so that the acrylics adhere easily.



How to Apply Acrylic Nails from a Kit


Whether you are using press on acrylics or mixing your own, find the right sized nails to fit your natural nails. File them for a better fit as necessary. If you are using press on nails follow the kit’s instructions for applying glue. Hold the nail in place long enough for the glue to dry. If you are going to mix your own acrylic for the base your kit will only include tips to adhere to the edge of your fingernail. Apply a small amount of glue to the tip and press it to your finger for a few seconds until it dries. Once all nails are applied you can cut and file them to your preferred length and shape.


Acrylic can be difficult to work with, so it’s important to practice before trying it on your own nails or someone else’s nails. Dip the brush into the liquid acrylic monomer, and then into the powder to form a ball. Carefully apply the ball to the base of your nail without touching the skin, and flatten it out with the brush. Wipe off the brush on a paper towel between strokes. User a file to shape your nails, and to smooth out the acrylic on top of your nails.


Once you are happy with your results you can paint your nails with polish however you like and enjoy your beautiful new nails.

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